Monday, July 18, 2005

No blogging for a couple of days.

I've just bought the newest Harry Potter.

Oh, yeah? And what are *you* reading?

Edited to add:

Damn. Damn, man. Read the whole thing in one sitting, with quick breaks to drag scrubs out of the dryer and load the dishwasher.

No spoilers here, but I feel as though my insides have been run over a cheese grater.

And I have the almost-irresistable urge to eat pork potstickers, the ultimate comfort food.





Anonymous said...

I am reading hideous speculation on my message board that in the seventh book Harry Potter dies.

shrimplate said...

Worse Than Watergate by John W. Dean. Also started Savage Beauty, Nancy Mitford's bio of Edna St. Vincent Millay (I can quote whole sonnets by heart, when proper incentives apply,) and the young house royal personage and myself are into The Voyage of the Dawn Treader together, as it should be.

Happy reading, Jo.

Jo said...


I'm going slowly through "A Bright and Shining Lie: John Vann and Vietnam"--slowly as it's at Chef Boy's house. That, and "An Alarming History of Medicine", which is weirdly anecdotal and conversational, but just what I need post-Potter.

Kate: It would serve the little bastard right.

Damn, man.

HypnoKitten said...

Voyage of the Dawn Treader! How long since I've heard that title! I see that they're making the Narnia series (my best-loved books as a pre-teen and teen) into a movie. It should rock. I've got to get that series again and read it - and now I've got a 10-year old daughter who will enjoy it also. (She's already read all the HP books but this last one, and I haven't read ANY... oh my!) :)

Kit said...

I know this is belated but HP #6 made me like Harry again, the rotten little brat. *laugh*

And I am very glad my Book 1 of the Tales of the Otori (Across The Nightingale Floor by Lian Hearn) came in time for me to snatch something brighter up to read afterwards (oh look, a whole village dies in the first least that's not as bad).

Lioness said...

I felt the same thing, and now there's only one book left, ONE. And she'll probably kill them all. Except for the spiders and the centaurs. Maybe. One more.