Saturday, July 09, 2005

Things I do not understand.

1. Why are the French considered cheese-eating surrender monkeys? They mobilized eight million some-odd people for World War I. Over a million of those got killed in combat alone. That's not counting the three-quarters of a million folks dead of disease or badly injured, or the civilian casualties. Yet they were able to contribute another five million bodies for WW II and run a fairly efficient sabotage operation even while being occupied by the Nazis. That doesn't say "run away, run away" to me.

2. How come people in Lexuses (Lexi?) drive so badly? 60 in the fast lane, signalling for MILES without turning and turning abruptly without signalling, cutting people off, playing with their hair. What's up with that? Does owning a Lexus make you stupid?

3. Why won't that guy in 108 get it that I cannot get him a bigger room, no matter how much cash he offers me or how much he cusses? Can I please please please tell him tomorrow that I'm not his nurse because he's so personally unpleasant?

4. What *up* with the pharmacy, dawg? Why can I not get a timed vancomycin dose that only comes every thirty-six hours? Is that not enough lead time for you guys?

5. What's the appeal of those little batter-boogers that seafood fast-food restaurants put under your fried fishlike substances?

6. What *up* with you residents, dawgs? Like, your patient is sick. Do not come to me and tell me that and then stand there like I ought to be able to wave a wand. Write an order. Call a code. Dance a jig; I don't care. Just effing *do* something, okay? Okay.

And that, again, is all.


Anonymous said...

WORD (uh..."to your mother," to fit with the theme) on the Lexus drivers. This phenomenon is far-reaching.
Same with Hummer drivers.

Jo said...

What's ironic about the "word to your mother" bit is that my sainted mother found this blog last night.

may said...

lol. good luck with the blog, now that your mom reads it, it will get more exciting :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Mom.

Ann (bunnygirl) said...

ITA on Lexus drivers. There's one at my office who insists on not just using two parking spots, which is annoying enough, but s/he has to park diagonally across the spots so people trying to walk around the Almighty Lexus will be inconvenienced as well.

I wish I could get this moron towed!

girl_in_greenwood said...

I think "Lexus" is Latin for "I have more money than brains."

Anonymous said...

So glad to see someone else who knows that the plural of Lexus is colluseum - colluseii. ;)