Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Quick housekeeping

No, I don't know why Netscape is inconsistent with Blogger's commenting. I can't even fix my own HTML without a handful of Xanax and somebody standing over my shoulder.

Sorry if I haven't replied to your email. It's been rather busy here. Don't take my lack of response for a lack of interest, unless you're calling me a baby-killer or a bad woman, in which case you may. Everybody else, I've got two days starting tomorrow and will run through the inbox then.

General advice: It is a bad idea to eat half a Virginia ham by yourself, no matter how lovingly prepared and wonderful it is. You'll be up all night slugging water.

I'll be back tonight or tomorrow. Salut!

1 comment:

shrimplate said...

And in the hours following the slugging of much water, it comes to pass that one feels as if 80 milligrams of intravenous lasix has been administered.