Monday, July 18, 2005

So Mom and I were talking the other night....

She has, since she is my mother, flattering things to say about this blog.

Goodness me. At least she and I are agreed in our conspiracy to Keep Things On the Q.T. Where Dad Is Concerned. Mom said, when I mentioned that I was just a little freaked out about her reading stuff, "I am sixty-seven years old. Whatever you've done, I've either done or imagined. Relax."

Then she said, "You've been getting some rain lately, huh?"

Yes. Yes, we have, as a matter of fact. Hurricanes are good for that. She made sure that I could get a change of scrubs at the hospital (the neighborhood around the hospital flooded horribly the other day; people weren't able to get to the highway), and then asked:

"And you have a clean pair of underwear with you, right?"

My jaw dropped. Mom actually did a Momlike thing, asking me if I had clean undies. After all, she pointed out, what would happen if I were to be in an accident?

I think Mom's tongue will have to be surgically removed from her cheek.


Ann (bunnygirl) said...

It sounds like you have a really cool mom! I would never let my parents know I have a blog. Not that I say very much in mine, but I just wouldn't want to feel like I have to censor myself.

Enjoyed finding your blog, btw! I'll have to pass the url along to my friend in nursing school.

HypnoKitten said...

If I told my mom about my blog... she'd only complain that I'm wasting time on the computer. *sigh* We're not all as tight as I wish.

HypnoKitten said...

And thanks for the link! :)

shrimplate said...

I "lost" my mother years ago. I believe she's still alive, but she does not know that she is a grandmother.

Imagine that.

My brother believes she has emigrated, with a man, to England. I simply do not know.

My father has died from cancer, and he rests with the Great Buddha of Clean Golfing Shoes and Sensible Martinis. It's not that complicated. Cool, actually. Where he is, he's well.

The last time I saw my mother she was being treated for a neck malignancy at the hospital (a very good one,) in Port Jefferson, LI. She had staples on her neck from surgery. She looked good. Maybe 10 years ago.

She had sought treatment the same day she obtained medical coverage at her radiation decomtamination job at a nuclear power plant on Long Island. The same day.

You think that affects my thinking about universal health care? Fuck you and your mother and everybody you personally know if you do not understand my position regarding that.

But I do not think that will be necessary, and in that case you may disregard my nasty language, and please accept my sincere prayers for you and all yours.

Blessings to you all,


shrimplate said...

I apologize for my above post. I tried to delete it but I was unable to do so. Please excuse my rudeness. It obviously has nothing to do with you.

I hope you are enjoying the latest Harry Potter book. I should just let things go and spend some time reading it myself.

I meant no disrespect to you nor others who post comments to you.