Monday, March 22, 2010

Slap My Bitch Up

This is what happens when you give a bored, bored woman access to free eyeshadow and eyeliner.

It doesn't show in the picture, sadly, but the shadow is black with turquoise sparkles. It's also considerably more whorey than in this snap.

I am having fun.


Jenn said...

Awesome! While you are having fun can you fix my eyes up like that as well?

Maha said...

Love it! I have a whole lot of whorey and non-whorey make-up which is odd because I don't wear it out a lot. But I sure do have a lot of fun experimenting with creating new looks.

Your shadow reminds me of this one by Nars - it's black and has gold/bronze sparkles in it. I want it!

Firecat said...

For fun eye makeup, check out these folks: Their eye shadow primer potion is WONDERFUL. I put my eye makeup on at about 7:30 am...and it's still perfect when I remove it at 9:30 pm. Even if I've worked out on the Wii Fit.

They also have glitter eyeliner, mascara in fun colors, and liner pencils in awesome colors.