Friday, March 12, 2010

In which Jo whores out other bloggers.

Dr. Grumpy remains a perennial favorite at Casa Del Gatos Locos. Somehow, he manages to post multiple times a day and yet see a full roster of patients.

I wonder if he's actually my shrink in disguise.

Whoopee, written by one Antonia Cornwell, is the blog Beloved Sister would write if she were English and just over being pregnant with the world's largest baby, and with a man in possession of a truly impressive moustache. Which, since she is none of those things, this blog will have to do for, for now.

Rob over at Abilene Rob (a permalink) has a lovely post up about what happens when you try to show somebody you love them while letting your own ego get in the way. I gave TGILed a valentine of sorts, in the form of something that only he would get the significance of, about two months before I ran off. A lot of it had to do with my own ego, as in, "Look! I have the wherewithal to get this thing made!" I wonder what happened to it. I hope it's in a drawer somewhere; I would hate to think of it being an object that would remind TGILed of regrettable stuff.

Asystole Is Stable is the blog of a nurse-turned-medical-student in Ireland (how much must that suck, now really) that I enjoy.

And, of course, for all your leftwing-liberal needs, there's always Drugmonkey over at Your Pharmacist May Hate You. The Drugmonkey abides.

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messymimi said...

Great. A bunch of new, great blogs to keep me from doing the work that already isn't getting done.

Really, thanks.