Sunday, March 21, 2010

Shit. Sorry, guys.

For anybody who was worried by a title that read, "Hi. My name is Jo, and I need somebody to talk me down", I apologize. That was actually about redoing my kitchen now that I've gotten sick of the brightly-colored dots, but I hit "enter" too fast and posted only the title without meaning to.

It's down now. And my kitchen, despite the dots, is untouched. If I do decide to repaper the walls and change out the backsplash and repaint the cabinets and keep the hardware and put in a vent a hood and refinish the floor and paint a floorcloth and replace the door that's missing....


....well, I'll let you know.


Sunflower RN said...

I thought you liked the dots!

Working nights really messes up a lot of things, including wallpaper choices.

And blogging in the middle of the night.

Hope you are getting some decent sleep.

Word verification word for this is "baties". How do they know?

messymimi said...

Trust me, it is easier to move than to live in a place while you redo it, if the renovations are going to be extensive.

Gretchen said...

I just spent the weekend at my dad's house, painting and cleaning and cleaning up paint and bumping into wet paint so talk to me if you start to think home improvement is a good idea. And then I'll send you my sister's e-mails about all the work they've been doing without me and how they want to repaint the exterior now, and you'll need to go sit on the porch and have a beer.

Unknown said...

To late to be talked down here...I'm in the midst of unpopcorning the ceiling (Gawd, what a trend...let's put dust-catching surfaces in a room with greasy dust, that'll be super-hard to clean; people will love it). Wondering if the fumes of oil-based paint are worth the alleged easy clean-up once it's dry. No wall paper for me, and I'm thinking of a fake pressed-tin backsplash. The indecision on the floor has me really liking your idea of painting that.