Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bad Omen or Fertility Symbol? You decide.

Since I've started working in the CCU, six--no, seven--of my coworkers are seeing their marriages break up.

And six of my female coworkers are pregnant.

Don't drink after me.


Rat said...

Does that count if you have only one part of the baby making parts in your body? And you always steal drinks off of my beer, so drinking after you is a no brainer!

CandyGirl said...

Um, I'll drink after anyone if it means I'd be able to get knocked up. Infertile for 5+ years and sick of it here.

If it came with a dose of marriage break-up, no thanks, tho. ;)

Jo said...

Lala, are you *that* Lala? From the Delphi community?

CandyGirl said...

I am not that Lala that I know of.

Apparently it is a common name on the internets. ;)