Monday, November 02, 2009

Holy crap*.

It took six hours, most of a sixer of Stone IPA, a pizza from the little joint down the street, and infinite curses and thumped thumbs, but the utility room is painted, the IKEA shit is assembled, the shelves are up, and the boys are amusing themselves in the leftover boxes.

And not a moment too soon. The neighbors are coming over tomorrow for dinner.

And I am going off to bed. Sheesh.

*Why did I do all this in one day, including trips to Home Despot and Ace? Because Attila looked doubtful this morning and said, "Uh...I don't know if you can get this all done by Wednesday."

I'll show *her*.


Penny Mitchell said...

Can I buy you a plane ticket so you can come finish my floor?

I am in no way kidding.

JacquiBee said...

Can you share what you bought from Ikea? We don't have one in New Zealand and I could have vicarious shopping pleaure:)through you. I been reading Door 16 since you pointed it out and my Ikea longings have been reawakened big time:(