Saturday, November 14, 2009

Highlights from the night's hippie action

Beloved Sister, on the phone: "So...what's that sound like a cat yowling?"

Jo: "I think it's a girl. And an accordion."

Beloved Sis: "Really? An accordion?"

Jo: "Yeah, last year after the party, there was some guy walking up and down the street, playing the accordion and singing."

Beloved Sis: "So what are they doing right now?"

Jo: "I *think* it's Toxic Airborne Event's 'Does This Mean You're Moving On'".

Beloved Sis: "....oh..."

Jo: "It's......peppy."

Beloved Sis: "Now *that's* a word I haven't heard in a while."


Jo: "Oh, Christ, they've gotten out the tuba."

Beloved Sister: "These are my kind of hippies."


Penny Mitchell said...

I love your neighbors.

Chris said...

I need to live on your street. That sounds awesome.