Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Lazy Wednesday Link Round-Up

First, Nurse K is back! Not that I knew that she ever went away in the first place; somehow, I either totally missed or forgot about her blog. Either way, I'm pleased to be reading it/reading it again.

Another blog I've just run across is Made A Difference For That One. Check it out: he's a surgeon in Iraq, with fascinating stories.

There's currently a frenzy over The Joint Commission and Press-Ganey at Sunnydale, and it's raising my blood pressure. MDOD has a nice, nice takedown of the whole PG system; be sure to read the latest comments.

Check out another doc blog, Ten Out of Ten (another one I had somehow missed). I don't know what is up with people not cluing me in to the good writers and genius funny people, but it has to stop.

And that is all from here. I'll have more exciting, glamorous tales from the CCU training ground next week, promise.

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Gert said...

You do know about Dr. Grumpy, I hope! Talk about funny!

Love your blog, too!