Saturday, November 14, 2009

Why I love my town.

The trust-fund hippies across the street are having a party. There are guys with dreadlocks and large dogs patrolling the street on longboards, telling people not to park here--go park a couple streets over, where the school parking lot is open and free.

I just got back from Large Chain Grocery Store, where I heard over the P.A. system: Tori Amos, Sugarland, Barry Manilow, and Rage Against The Machine. Also an announcement from management that "All employees need to straighten up and fly right!" before the song of the same name started to play. What other grocery store has its own DJ?

There is a HangerRama happening tonight. I'm not sure I'm going; it is, as the name implies, going to be held in a large hanger outside of town.

A sheriff's deputy was toodling down the road today, blasting Brave Combo out of his squad car window.

Tomorrow The Rat, The Corpsman, The Guy With The Huge Beard, and B. will all be having huge amounts of beef stew with bacon, home-made bread, wilted spinach salad, and apple crisp here. Don't you wish you could come?


bobbie said...

What time shall I arrive, and what would you like me to bring?

Penny Mitchell said...

Yes. I'll bring my veggie stew.