Sunday, July 05, 2009

Updated: Jo's Rules For Living.


1. Pick up after yourself.
2. Don't be an asshole.
3. Say "thank you."

On Work:

1. If you have to jack with it, it's wrong.
2. Every surface should be thought of as dirty until proven otherwise.
3. Have an extra pair of scrubs.
4. Always take extra supplies into the room with you.
5. Wear shoes you won't fall out of.

On Drinking and Eating:

1. If the ingredients list has words beginning with "para" or "quasi", don't eat it.
2. Cheese always helps.
3. Good bread is worth the money.
4. It's not worth getting drunk on fine wine; you won't remember how good it is, and your head will hurt just as much as with the cheap stuff.
5. Eat butter, not margarine or Promise.

On Partying:

1. If you drink, pace yourself.
2. Don't say it drunk if you wouldn't say it sober.
3. Remember: If you start something, *somebody* is going to have to finish it. It might not be you.
4. Always have an alternate plan in case your designated driver craps out on you.
5. No, that's not a good idea.

On Relationships:

1. Pick up after yourself.
2. Don't be an asshole.
3. Say "thank you."


painting with fire said...

good rules!

Unknown said...

It sounds like Jo had an interesting holiday whether at work or at play...

Haley Dawn said...

perfect Rules to live by. I think we should all come up with a nice set

Rat said...

Great rules. Cheese and good bread are always worth the price. And I try to remember to say "thank you"

LivingDeadNurse said...

loved it

woolywoman said...

Yes,yes, don't jack with the tubing...also, how has new resident month been for you?

Anonymous said...

New Resident Month? I'll give you a new!

Tonight, PACU, 50 yr old female in for a DaVinci lap-choly, converted to open when the gallbladder was discovered to be necrotic and leaking, two JP's, LOTS o' pain. And the resident and anesthesiologist giving report. Resident reports he I&O cathed the pt at the end of the procedure, but he doesn't remember for how much. No really. Could. Not. Remember. Pt becomes increasingly hypotensive and febrile (39.8), more fluids, but still, the resident refuses to order a Foley. Bladder scan the pt...four hours out: total in 5600, total out ?, scan = 150. Pt now red, ruddy color. Call Attending at home. By the way sir, would you like a lactic acid? The whole sepsis bundle perhaps? A Foley? A SCU bed instead of general surgery floor? Lactic comes back at 3.2. Oh yeah...she's in for a ride. But at least now someone can monitor her urine output.

Anonymous said...

This RN says your list is great EXCEPT the advice to always take extra supplies into the room with you....I`m getting totally disgusted with all the WASTE in the rooms (especially an isolation room)...If time allows, I`m going to try to check what is in the room, before bringing in more supplies (that end up as trash when the patient leaves)...I work in an ICU at a teaching hospital,so I know what you mean about residents-haha....I found your blog looking for info about those mbt shoes (50 years old with all the sudden developing foot/back problems)...Continue to evaluate those shoes please! Amy M. RN