Monday, July 27, 2009

Lazy Monday Link-O-Rama

The old-leather and cigars edition!

I want one of these bags. I would also like to rewrite the website so every product description isn't about how cool the owner of the company is, but I'd settle for a bag. One of the light ones, you know, like a pouch or a satchel. Except I already own a pouch from Scandia, and I love it.

This is one of the better websites for just-plain-browsing-around that I've come across.

Jezebel has a hilarious takedown of one of those dumb articles from Men's Health.

Pull up a club chair, get yourself a martini, and check out the best-named blog ever.

Or, if you don't like martinis, check out this guide to single malts.

And, finally:

1 comment:

Penny Mitchell said...

Oh, screw you.

I am watching the clock and ticking down the minutes to when I can run my beloved Winston Birdy Girly into the vet to see if there is anything they can do to keep her ancient, ancient body going a little longer, or if I'm going to have to let her fly free to heaven, and I clicked on the "bag" website and OF COURSE immediately saw "In Memory of Blue" and now I'm not sure I can even fucking drive to GET her to the vet.

I wish you were here. I could use the shoulder.