Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wednesday Whining: Bing-Bang, Walla-Walla Ding Dang Edition

My back is going "Ooo, eee, ooo, ah-ah".

Somehow, I wrenched my lower back on the treadmill. The damn *treadmill*.

So. Walking is difficult, sitting is uncomfortable, treadmilling is impossible, and lifting is out of the question, at least for the next few days.

Meanwhile, though, I've done pretty well food-wise. I'm discouraged by the fact that I can't twist or lean without significant pain, but I'm not taking it out on donuts.

More later, when sitting again becomes comfy.

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Gretchen said...

Well dang, I read the Wednesday fitness/whining post just after I ate a (small) bag of peanut m&m's Thursday morning. Looks like I need to try a little harder. Hang in there!