Sunday, July 19, 2009

I got nothin'.

The blogging gods are angry with me.

There has been exactly nothing that's been crazy, out-of-line, or nutso that's happened this week at Sunnydale General. Everybody's been well-behaved, the pharmacy has gotten us meds on time, nobody's brought in livestock or tried to steal a TV. There haven't even been any Resident Follies to speak of.

I hate weeks like this. It does not bode well for the next month or so that nothing tremendous has gone wrong. Any day now I expect the power will go out, the generators will fail, the cafeteria will catch fire (okay; that wouldn't be so bad), the director of nursing will finally completely lose it and run naked and screaming down the halls, and six patients will have seizures at the exact same moment.

This week has been the hospital equivalent of that scene in a horror movie during which one character turns to another and says, "Gosh, I'm glad that's over" or "We've seen the last of them!" Next week, I'll probably have plenty of fodder. But for now, I'm going back to bed.

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Sara said...

this is precisely why i hate thinking or saying "i'm bored" at work ... it's usually right before a sh!tstorm that that declaration is made.

hope you had a good weekend!