Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Vacation Starts Now.

And I just gotta say:

Dude. Look at the President. Just look at that shit. That's some thinkin', ponderin', beer-drinkin', wife's-ear-nibblin' SHIT.

THAT is some SHIT, right there.

Just look at him. Just look.

Plus, his wife will drink. your. halfcaff. latte.

And kick your ass into the bargain.

It is a good, good time to be alive, and to have three whole weeks off.


Raspberry-Scrubs said...

LOL, actually that was pretty funny, but add that to the 'tea' errr beer party he had today at the White House and we are looking at a President that's going to need AA meetings :-p

Anyways, have a wonderful vacation!

Jo said...

Good Lord, Raspberry, if two beers in as many weeks means AA meetings, every nurse on the planet should just check him- or herself into rehab right now.