Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday night musings

"The thing you must remember," (said my friend Paul the Pastor the other day) "is that David danced naked before the Ark of the Covenant."

Workplace bullies tend not to be bullies if a) you call 'em on it; or b) you just look at them with wide eyes and then laugh in their faces.

If you feel like you're about to start crying at work (see above), go work out some tricky drug dosage calculations and you'll feel better.

Cats are annoying. That is, they're annoying until they start doing something incredibly sweet without reservation. At which point they become adorable and you have to snorgle their bellies.

Always read the concentration on the Narcan vial. The two different concentrations are packaged in ampules that look exactly the same.

There is always time for freshly-picked home-grown tomatoes, blueberries, good Swiss muesli, or coffee.

The look on your dog's face when he realizes he's going on a WALK is the best thing ever.

If it's a full-body rash with blistering, five gets you ten it's a Dilantin rash, no matter what the dermatology consult says.

Bamboo cannot be killed. Don't even try. Find a way to incorporate it into your landscaping.

And, for God's sake, don't plant wisteria where it can pull down large limbs from old pecan trees. The neighbors and I have had this problem lately.

Hummingbirds occasionally perch. If you're lucky, they'll perch on the arm of the chair next to yours on the deck. Breathe quietly.

Seeing ants crawling over the walls of the hospital room is, usually, a reaction to narcotics.

If in doubt, change the Foley. If in doubt, change the peripheral IV. If in doubt, administer oxygen and fluids.

But, for the love of Mike, don't touch the Quinton.

I was driving down the street, coming back from Home Despot the other day, when I saw a navy-blue Chrysler New Yorker zipping along. Following it was an orange International Harvester truck. I was suddenly thrown back into the past, when You Could Do Anything In A Chrysler. Getting older is like that; the oddest things trigger memories.

Nothing is ever lost, only changed. That's both the first law of thermodynamics and faith.


danielle said...

"Seeing ants crawling over the walls of the hospital room is, usually, a reaction to narcotics"

Unless it is room 2912 - and the ants means that it is raining outside.

Elliott said...

I gotta be pedantic about this. Nothing is ever lost is the 1st law. You can't ever get back your full investment is the 2nd law.

Jo said...

Elliott: Thank you. Corrected.

Rat said...

The Chrysler thing is quite true...