Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Furballs.

Why is Max lying on the floor in the hallway, rather than on his nice squooshy bed? And why does he look so sad?

Oh. That's why.


Uro*MA said...

LOL i love it!!

Anonymous said...

lol! cute kitty cat (i loved the other photo in another post of the cat laying on the back of the sofa). i love cats! ours rules our house as well (:

Anonymous said...

You have a couple of dominant cats?


Penny Mitchell said...


P.S. Don't tell Max that Auntie Pens was laughing at him.

VetRN said...

At this very moment I have two disgruntled dogs; at present lying on the tile kitchen floor, while three of the cats lounge on the dogs' beds.