Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year, everybody!

Chef Boy and I got home this afternoon, and after I ate, I was so tired I went to bed and napped for a while.

Christmas was lovely, unsullied by things having to do with work. Chef Boy and I met Brooke of odious woman at a place called Pike Pub for dinner and a beer. She's funnier and more charming in person than in her blog, even, and has really great glasses. She gave us great tips for living in Seattle ("Get a light box, some antidepressants, and be prepared to pay through the nose for housing") and showed us a good time. Thanks, Brooke! I had what I thought was going to be a funny post about our meeting worked out in my head, but I'm just too damned tired.

Beloved Sister's boyfriend announced their upcoming nup-shulls by giving her a gorgeous diamond. Now, I am not a fan of diamonds, generally, but this one was really cool--it was set like a little flying saucer about to land. The big joke for the next three days was getting blinded by The Ring. Yes, we're lame jokesters in my family.

Mom and Dad's cat, Astro (a Maine Coon cross) decided he didn't loathe me as much as he thought he might. Beloved Sister's dog, Bones (a Staffordshire Terrier mix) decided my lap was a good place to sit in the car. It was highly animalistic, as Mom would say.

Beloved Sis and CB and I also made the biennial pilgrimage to Archie McPhee. Everything I loved was on sale, which I take as evidence that maybe I didn't burn down that orphanage in a past life. Or, at least, that I didn't lock the doors first.

Seattle itself was beautiful, with frequent sun breaks and only one day of pouring all-day rain--the last day we were there. We got to see Heather and Will, friends of mine and purveyors of wonderful IBS remedies, in their new setup, a warehouse at Pioneer Square. I'm so pleased for and proud of them I can hardly stand it, and I can testify: if you have IBS, Crohn's, or colitis, you'd do well to visit Heather's website.

We saw the new baby otter at the Aquarium (cute overload!) and an entire family group of gorillas hanging out at the zoo. Also a tapir, looking disgruntled, and an elephant having a bath/snack/rubdown all at once in the elephant barn. That last was worth the price of admission; who knew a several-ton elephant would lie down on her side and stretch like a cat while being hosed off by her keepers?

Recommendations after this trip: the Wallingford Pub on 35th really does have the best bacon cheeseburger in town. Anthony's, whether it's the Home Port or the fish-and-chips stand on the pier, has excellent fish. The local beer is marvelous, no matter what you get: I had no bad beer for five days. Take the 522 express bus if you're leaving downtown for Wallingford; the other routes are milk runs. Archie McPhee continues its tradition of being the world's best source for rubber rats and cool Hindu-themed snackboxes. Sully's near the zoo (Phinney and about 60th, I think) was having technical problems the day we went (the women's bathroom ceiling had fallen in) but Sully himself was gracious and poured me a pint of really good IPA. Take his suggestions on what to drink. And be sure you hit the Space Needle if you're a first-timer. Really. It's cheesy and touristy and pricey, but it really is cool to see all of Seattle spread out underneath you.

And now I am sleepy again and will ring in the new year with a snooze.

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Anonymous said...

This is a mighty long snooze, Jo! I just started reading your blog. I seem to be a jinx - every time I find a new blog, the blogger stops, er, blogging. Please come back!