Saturday, December 24, 2005

Hallelujah, Noel, be it Heaven or Hell...

A 2005 retrospective, done now because I expect to be too zonked from travelling on New Year's Eve to do it then, and because I'm avoiding the laundry.

For another year, I've avoided being hauled in by the IRS, FBI, BON, or DON. The NSA and the CIA don't want me, either.

I did not get married this year. w00t!

Nothing burned down and I didn't kill anybody, either accidentally or on purpose.

My cat doesn't hate me any more than she did last year.

I have a new car, the same (wonderful) apartment, and a few new friends. Chef Boy and I will have been dating for two (!!) years in January. No wedding bells are in the picture, so keep your toasters.

I put on a few pounds, but those'll come off eventually.

We lost a few patients, one attending, and one resident. The patients leave little-bitty holes, not because they don't matter but because you lose so damned many that unless you prioritize, your soul will look like Swiss cheese inside of a week. The attending left a big hole. The resident left a great yawning chasm, horrible, since she was younger than me and infinitely more deserving of life.

Hal, Stacy, Bill, Doreen, Mark, Marie...say hi to everybody up there, okay?

Our beloved friend John failed for the second year in a row (speaking of dead people) to quit calling in dead and come in to work again. We're getting pretty fucking sick of covering for him.

Kristen had a baby and has a new kitten. Lydia has a new granddaughter. T-bird got married. No marriages failed, and one was saved by the skin of its teeth.

Emmy's husband does not have cancer, thank God. Amy's baby lived her first year with very few problems; not bad for a 26-week preemie. My oldest goddaughter from my first marriage graduated high school this year. The world keeps turning.

Bonnie the Drama Dachshund adopted me as her human.

I got a really, really kick-ass pair of boots. And I got interviewed for a Major National Publication on blogging. That was fun.

And, in hopes that some of her good kharma will rub off on me, I'll be buying Brooke from Odious Woman a drink this week (excited squealing).

I'll catch up with you guys later; perhaps from Seattle, where I will be hanging out with the family, or perhaps from an undisclosed location after I return from the Pacific Northwet.

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Nurse2B said...

Sounds like a successful year, for sure. Wishing you an even better one coming up!