Wednesday, December 21, 2005

So, just after I went to sleep,

I ended up with the same nightmare-situation, I can't believe this is happening patient that I had over the weekend. Only with more tubes and wires and with a worse blood pressure, if such a thing were possible.

Then somehow I got a NICU patient as well. Now, I don't do newborns; never have. But they had to overflow the NICU somewhere, and so up I ended with some five-pound, very sick little kid. RSV, or something. Anyway, kid couldn't breathe. Bad deal.

Then I got *another* patient, who just sort of left the room and disappeared. Guess I should've been happy that one could walk, but I would've liked to have seen her before she left the floor.

Just about that time, Mom called with the news that Dad had left her for some 50-year-old ER nurse. She looked a proper chippie, too. Mom decided to move in with me.

And then I had to find some obscure diagnosis in some obscure book that kept changing titles every time I put it down, while trying to figure out why there was an obese, bloated, bald teenager sitting on a stool on the other side of the counter.

I woke up just after the OR called and some surgeon was talking to me like I was Central Sterile.

No more combinations of "House", loaded baked potato, and Dogfish Head IPA right before bed.


woolywoman said...

Mine is usually that I have been assigned a patient I didn't know about, it's change of shift, and someone comes to me for report. Of course, the patient is found dead in bed. The alarm clock stands in for the moniter blip.

Kim said...

I always dream that I had to float out of the ER to a floor and I forget that the patients have medications on a regular basis, but I remember at the end of the shift that no one got their meds!

Or I'm in a strange ER and I can't get anything done, the fast I move the slower I get.

I think your dream is worse!

Judy said...

It's almost 4pm and I haven't been to bed yet, so I had to read this twice to figure out it was a dream. At least I didn't start shrieking about the NICU patient who got transferred to your floor before I figured that out.

I really need to go take a nap, and now I'm not sure I want to.