Wednesday, February 24, 2010

This morning we had a patient flown in from Nowheresville.

And I mean Nowheresville. "Where's Brokeneck?" asked my colleague.

"Somewhere," I said, checking Google Maps, "near Boondoggle. Looks to be just east of Drinkwater."

The flight RN came in with the patient after a cold three-hour fixed-wing flight. I remembered that TGIL had expressed some interest in flight nursing, so I peppered the FRN with questions for twenty minutes, and he was kind enough to answer them*, before I remembered that I really shouldn't be interested in what TGIL is interested in.

Sucks to have no memory.

*Three years post-graduate critical care experience at a minimum, trauma or med-surg ICU in a place like John Peter Smith, Parkland, or Methodist. Two years in the ED would be good as an addition. And be prepared to fly at a minute's notice, with no set schedule, in horrible weather, and to crash. This dude's crashed twice. You're welcome.


Flea said...

Those guys take dedication to new levels. I mean, it takes a lot for us to be nurses... can't imagine the extra required to be a nurse on a helicopter!

Anonymous said...

a RN I used to work with did a difficult breech delivery whilst in the middle of a flight with a patient being transported from the outback to a city.