Wednesday, February 03, 2010

I love my dog so much it's stupid.

Note: Nursing-related posts will return later this week. This is just too damn cute not to share.

Max is a big dog. Like, a hundred and fifteen pounds big. He's also silly, and gentle, and very much enamored of things he finds on the floor. If it's something interesting enough (a sock, a stuffed animal, the cork from a wine bottle), he'll bring it to me, sticking out of his front teeth, with his neck arched like a horse's and do the "I found something on the FLOOR!" dance. It's hilarious to watch a dog almost as big as I am, lengthwise, do something so damn *cute*.

Max does not chew the things he finds on the floor. He simply takes them outside, lays them down, and looks at them. Then he goes off and yells at the mailman.

This morning, I returned home to find that the cats had partially opened a box I got yesterday in the mail. There were three foam packing peanuts on the living room floor. I looked at those, shrugged, and went to let Max in for a minute to say hi.

Max disappeared into the living room and returned to the kitchen with a strange expression on his face. I wanted to keep him in, since it's starting to rain and he (despite his size) is a Delicate Flower, but he kept looking at me and looking at the door. With this strange expression.

Finally, after I refused to let him out, he did the "I found something on the FLOOR!" dance.

And spit out, with a "bleah" worthy of Snoopy, one small unharmed foam packing peanut.

After which I got a series of disappointed, vaguely depressed glances from His Majesty.

Because, of course, one styrofoam peanut is worth taking outside to the rain and simply looking at for three minutes.


horsefeathers said...

Loved this post. I have a pair of Border Collies who insist on presenting anyone who arrives at our house with a toy of some sort. One dog, Sadie, will rush to the pile of dog toys, grab something appropriate and come show it off--dancing around and poking us with her find. We don't get to have the toy--we just get to see she has it and admire her toy-presenting-prowess.

Our other dog, Cooper, is both more giving and more indiscriminate. For cooper, the important thing is she has *something* to offer. If a toy is nearby, we get a toy. Otherwise, she'll grab whatever is near--a water bottle, a hairbrush, a crumpled receipt. She hasn't brought us a cat yet (we have 3) but I suppose it's just a matter of time. The combination of her big eyes looking for approval with a stray sock hanging out of her mouth is heart-melting.

Jennifer George said...

I need a picture of him. :)

me said...

LOL! What kind of dog is Max?

Evy @ Aria Medical said...

I loved the post!

First I found your blog today and have been enjoying your past posts.

But this one I laughed out loud. And that's saying something because today isn't going so well.

I've got 2 dogs myself and that story reminds me why I love dogs so much.

Sometimes nothing else in the world makes dogs seem to have all the answers.

But then other times, when they do things like your dog did...I just shake my head and laugh.

But isn't that the point?

Molly said...

I'm not a dog person, but that is adorable.

woolywoman said...

Dogs are the best. Dogs never call you and ask you to work overtime.

Beth said...

Cats are such troublemakers!

Anonymous said...

I just read your post about your dog Max, and I gotta say I totally identify. My heart just overflows with love for her, and I cannot imagine loving anything more.

Anonymous said...

I just punched in : why so in love with my dog - in google because I truly am in love with my dog. I can't stop looking at her, thinking about her and admiring her every pose. I love the way her lip droops on the side the way she has one ear up and one ear down and the way she curls her paws when she sleeps. I love the softness of her fur and the smell behind her ears. Anyways, I found your post and i could just see your dog doing the dance - I just love it.

Dogs are great! Sometimes i wish it was just me and my dog in the whole universe. Life would be great! Yes sometimes I feel stupid for loving my dog sooooooooo much. Nice knowing there is other people like me in the world.