Sunday, February 28, 2010

My fortieth year Zingsadoo list:

When I was a little kid, little enough that my own name came out of my mouth as Mawguk (and doesn't that sound like Cthulu's handmaiden? I started early), I had zingsadoo.

My zingsadoo for this year aren't as banal as "lose that 20 poundses, Precious" (although that is on my personal, non-blogged list). My zingsadoo are:

1. Plant a tree.

Littleton gives out trees every year, and sells other trees for way cheap in an attempt to beautify the prairie. The mission is questionable, but hey--if it gets me a free burr oak, I'm in. The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago; the second-best time is today. Watch this space for updates as I try to figure out exactly where my sewer lines are.

2. Flash mob.

I've already signed up for the local flash mob group: it's healthy, given that we have something north of 50,000 college students in Bigton, just south of me. I wanna eat a banana or freeze in place! I can't dance, so the dancing mobs are out, but everything else? I'm into it.

3. Keep a journal.

Don't know whether this'll be personal or online (if the latter, I'll be sure to clue you in to ever-deeper forays into self-centeredness), but I want to keep one. This is the Year Of Living Singly, and it needs to be documented.

4. Get a damn massage, already.

I've been meaning to for two years; this should be self-explanatory.

5. Support other bloggers whose writing is worthwhile.

It doesn't matter if you're a dick; if your writing is good, I'm all over that bad boy. Look for changes in the links list in the weeks to come.

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Amy said...

Oh, my goodness, one of my life goals is to be part of a flash mob. Have fun!