Saturday, February 06, 2010

For sale, cheap: (and an addendum to the DMV)

Two feline juvenile delinquents.

I returned from the DMV/grocery shopping/etcetera to find that Notamus and Flashes had opened a three-foot by three-foot by eighteen-inch box full of packing peanuts and spread them all over the house.

Nine hundred square feet doesn't seem like a lot until it's covered with fine drifts of packing peanuts.

I cannot *wait* until the weather stays stable enough that I can build them their outdoor kitty-cat run. (Yes, I am a crazy cat lady. Crazy because that's what they're making me.) With cat-killing dogs in front of and behind us, I don't feel safe letting them out. Instead, I'm going to build an eight-by-eight cube of 2 x 4's and screening that will allow them to climb, run, leap, and generally raise hell. It'll be accessible through a cat flap in my bedroom window (what, incidentally, that box contained).

Oh, and the DMV?

The website is wrong. The local office accepts only cash and checks. Personal checks. Not cashier's checks, not money orders.

Head, meet desk.


Rat said...

See your Weiner neice. May trade for two totally spoiled Weiner dogs....

Am thinking about giving M to research while babysitting her. So she cannot be duplicated.

Lioness said...

That is a fabulous idea, actually, keeps them safe from dogs, keeps them safe from viral diseases from contact with other cats, keeps the wildlife safe from them. Win-win-win!

Laney said...

Ah yes. packing peanuts.
yeah, 900 sq feet sounds like a lot.
at least they're cute, right?


PJ said...

I cant believe that they dont accept credit cards. Its also another form of payment. I was told that DMV California . I will call and double check.