Monday, May 24, 2010

Ooo I had forgotten about this yes I had ooo.

Yeah, I don't feel so good.

Nightmares. As my brain switches from sleeping during one half of the day to sleeping during another. People getting locked out of the CCU, me not showing up on time to work, funeral corteges going past, people I know going missing.

MONDAY NIGHTMARE REMEDY!! That's what we need.

This is worth clicking, as embedding is disabled, and Robyn is the shizznit.

All you have to watch of this one is the first twenty seconds. In that time, you'll see staggering baby elephant running-times, and hear a tiny trumpet from a baby elephant schnozzle.

Later, I will make this pasta salad to take to work. Artichokes yum.

And that is all. Time to go lift heavy things.


bobbie said...

Thanks for the big smile inducing video!!!

woolywoman said...

cute video. Remember to get natural daylight to re set your body clock. I hate those nightmares where a pt dies, and I was his nurse, and I didn't know he was on my assignment!

Anonymous said...