Saturday, May 01, 2010

Saturday Sublime

Purple patent pumps from ECCO.

Italian paper from Paper Studio. This is going on the inside back of my secretary if I ever get around to redoing it.

Anna at Door Sixteen just finished stripping paint off the locks from her living room windows.

This is the sort of thing I admire her for: I barely have the patience to consider the job.

Codigo Mio silver-and-gold Braille ring.


woolywoman said...

actually stripping hardware is not so bad. Get a coffee can. Pour Citrisolve stripper in can. Take off hardware in a fit of effort. Dump in can, put lid on, leave somewhere away from dogs. A week later, wonder why there are no doorknobs on the closet. Remember the coffee can. Fish out the hardware.( Save the cirtisolve in the can, it can be re-used.) Rinse. Most of mine hasn't been repainted, but I wax it with paste wax before I put it back up. Really, you can do this.

The Future Missy Prissy RN said...

Love the pumps!

Penny Mitchell said...

What does the ring read?