Wednesday, May 12, 2010

In other news, I am beat up.

Max dose of propofol: one hundred micrograms per kilo.

Normal response to max dose of propofol: floppy, rag-doll lack of muscle tone.

Response of last night's patient to max dose of propofol: Attempted de-catheterization, extubation, de-restraint-ization, one kick to the chest that sent me two steps back, and two bruised knuckles (mine). From a teeny-tiny little person.

Lesson learned: Pilates does indeed make you very, very strong. Even with a paralytic.


bobbie said...

That's when you REALLY need a transfer to the ECU!!!

Jo said...

Actually, once we extubated, the patient was fine. I, however, am sore.

Penny Mitchell said...

A request: Never start a post with the words, "Max dose of...". I read that as "Max's dose...," shit myself and passed out for a couple seconds.

After that I scanned the rest of the post and was in mental knots trying to figure out what had happened to Max and why he was trying to de-catheterize and extubate himself.

Thank you.

Jo said...

@Pens: So sorry. Max would not need a dose of propofol to become a floppy rag-doll. All he would need is belly rubs. BELLY RUBS!

Or, as happened last night, the end of a thunderstorm combined with BELLY RUBS! We slept until 10:30.

Anonymous said...

100 mcgs per kg? You're so lucky! We're not "allowed" to go past 50 mcgs. I'm totally jealous.