Sunday, May 02, 2010

Because a Faithful Minion asked...

This is what I got the purple patent pumps to go with.

It rocks. With a cropped white cotton cardigan, it will rock even more.


MamaDoodle said...

I want this. Perfect for summer wedding season. Where did you find it? (Don't worry. We live quite far from each other and won't show up at the same party wearing the same dress.)

Jo said...

MamaDoodle, you can get it online from Boden. The web address is

I wear a size 14, and this fits true-to-size. I'm also quite short, and it doesn't do that weird wrinkly thing around the waist. If you're tall or long-waisted, you might find it's a bit higher-waisted on you. Also, the neckline is rather low, and it fits snugly through the top.

There are gobs of dresses at Boden right now that are adorable, and I've always had very good luck with their quality. They're a bit pricey, but I've got dresses and skirts from them that look brand new after six years.