Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Yeah, so, I totally bombed that test. Totally.

As in, I could tell when the person grading it got sick of grading it and was all, "Oh, fuckitall" and just gave up and passed me. Y'know, like that.

But we're not getting graded. This is all to tell our preceptors what we need help with (Jo: Needs Help With That Thing Bonking Away In Her Chest) and what to focus on. Which leaves me to focus on a site I just found: Bad Joan.

Let's open our bottle of champagne and break out the pizza, shall we?

I have never heard of this "Marcello Toshi" person, but I want to meet him.
Hmm. Is it a denial of my Methodist roots that I see this as a "going to church" shoe? (if church involves, you know, thigh-high stockings and a fascinator with lace in front...)

So not a "going to church" dress, but still. It's not a dress at all, actually; I think it's a nightgown. That doesn't mean I wouldn't wear it out in public.

Ehrm. NO. All *kinds* of ill-advised.

Okay. Now I feel better. I can go back to studying pulmonary hypertension and emergency drugs now, and maybe file my fingernails (entirely too long for a day on the floor, come Thursday; I'll pop through a glove).


Penny Mitchell said...

That skirt looks like the mustard jar threw up.

Sara said...

LOVE the dress. way too pretty to be worn as a nightgown.

and, my nails pop gloves even though they are short. stupid cheap latex gloves. if there's any sort of fecal matter involved i will go out of my way to get the non-latex ones. you just don't want the gloves to rip in certain situations.

Flea said...

I think that last one looks like some kind of skirt/jodhpurs hybrid. Yuck!

Julianne said...

lol yeah they do look like methodist church ladies shoes. I dont know why, but being a methodist myself I know exactly what you mean!!!!

Anonymous said...

Those are some sexual shoes, lady!

Crabby McSlacker said...

I think I'll stick to my jeans and t-shirts and sneakers and leave the fancy dressin' to you girly girls, but I'm glad you found such a great resource!

And those "church" shoes scare the bejeesus out of me, I'm not sure why...