Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sigh. Grr. Sigh.

I suppose it's not a surprise to anybody that the last three letters of my license plate are GRR.

Because, given the day I had today, that is how I feel.

No, so sorry; we can't give you more than the scheduled number of patients for each day during your internship, even if you are the first experienced nurse we've ever had do this; it would set a precedent.

No, so sorry; we can't let you skip this two-hour long customer service class which you have attended every year for the last seven freaking years; it's a requirement. Even though you had it six weeks ago.

No, so sorry; I'm going to pretend I don't speak English if I don't want to do what you think might possibly, just possibly, be best for your patient. Instead, I'll write orders that will guarantee that your patient third-spaces all that fluid I want run in, because I've been ignoring your warnings about acute tubular necrosis.

Even my horoscope wasn't very encouraging. And I *never* read my horoscope.

If it weren't raining, I would go running. As it is, I plan to eat pancakes. And cheese.


Anonymous said...

In the interest of solidarity--I had a lousy day too. For us social workers, any day that includes both a restraining order and a court order (for separate patients, natch) is probably a bad day. Hope the comfort food helps (it was noodles and pugliese here), and here's to tomorrow being better.

woolywoman said...

Annoying class= getting paid to sit on your ass. You can save people later. Same with extra patients. Give the ones you have some comfort care along with ye olde high teche care.

Dumb orders= slow nurse. That doctor has to leave the hospital at some point, maybe the next one will be brighter.

Cheese= proof, along with coffee, that our higher power loves us and wants us to be happy.