Saturday, October 17, 2009

This is gonna be a weird weekend.

The phone rang at three ack emma.

The prefix of the number was one of the ones that Giant Medical Complex uses. Sunnydale General is part of Giant Medical Complex, so I figured they were calling me in to work an extra shift or something, even though I'm not yet fully housetrained. I ignored the phone.

The phone rang again. Insistently. So I picked it up.

"Jo? Are you okay?" was the first thing I heard. "Mmmmmphggggrrblarg, yeah" was all I could manage to get out, but the next thing the person on the other end said snapped me wide awake.

"Are you alone? Are you in any sort of danger right now?"

What. The. Hell. Is. This?

Turns out the Sunnydale General security guys had gotten an anonymous phone call at about two-thirty, telling them that the caller had abducted one of the nurses from the CCU and was planning to do dastardly things to her unless certain conditions were met.

Most of the time, phone calls like that are hoaxes. I mean, crazies call the hospital all the time, threatening all sorts of crap, so it's not like Sunnydale Security isn't used to things like this happening. Apparently, though, this time it flipped 'em out enough that the night house manager was calling every nurse on the roster, counting noses and making sure all was well.

It's nice that they thought to do that. It was less nice when one of the guys from Security called me about a half-hour later, just as I had fallen back to sleep, to determine that no, I was not being held against my will; yes, I am alone; no, I'm not answering under any sort of duress. It's just me and the dog and the cats, dude. It's all good.

I'm a little nervous about what the rest of today and tomorrow will bring. The weekend started with one of the more unusual phone conversations I've ever had, and continued with two more.

Maybe I'll just stay away from the phone. It'll be harder for The Weird to get to me if it has to use a carrier pigeon.

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Anonymous said...

WTF! Lady, this is just too much. And I thought 16 hour chef shifts were beyond the pale. Nothing compares.