Monday, October 19, 2009

Start-of-the-week Roundup:

What Nurse Jo is....

Listening to, with new respect:

Hall and Oates (of all things), on NPR, unplugged. "She's Gone" may be one of the best songs ever.

Also, "Graceland", all over again. I loved Edie Brickell back in the day (even though she never bathed and always ordered her eggs over medium at Jim's when I was a dinette) and I love me some Paul Simon, but they're suck, both of 'em, since they got hitched.

Just shows how marriage ruins a person.

When you watch this video, remember that apartheid would still be in effect for seven more years,
and that mixed-race bands were not allowed to perform in South Africa. (Edited to add: Bryan in the
comments tells me that this is not true. My apologies for the misinformation.)


Vegetables, by James Peterson. A gorgeous cookbook.
Also, The Man Who Ate Everything, by Vogue's food critic, Jeffery Steingarten.


"I can chew like a cannibal/I can yell like a cat/I even had you believing that I really, really like it like that..."

This might be something I buy though I cannot afford it.



Celeste said...

Wow, rare to find another Patty Griffin fan. I stumbled onto her by accident and there's no going back. My favorite from her previous album?

When you break down
I'll drive out and find you
When you forget my love
I'll try to remind you

Awesome stuff indeed. I have the album you covet but need a long car ride to really get into it. I've only listened to it in dribs and drabs at work so far.

Bryan said...

Just as an aside to your aside, being someone who grew up in Apartheid South Africa. There were no rules against multiracial bands. Juluka and Mango Groove were both extremely popular multiracial bands.

There _were_ rules against foreigners performing in South Africa, but those were imposed by the foreign states, arts councils and unions. Paul Simon risked blacklisting and fines to come play in South Africa, irrespective of who he played with.

Jo said...

Bryan: Thank you *very* much for that clarification. I didn't realize what I'd heard/read was wrong. I'm going to annotate the aside now, just as an editorial correction.

Rat said...

Always remember the "old days" with this...

Graceland. One of the few mucical pieces that I have owned on all media except eight track, and reel to reel. Some even twice..

Anonymous said...

I grin with smug satisfaction whenever I hear somebody say they've discovered that Hall and Oates actually have talent, and SOUL! Gah, and bah! I've been loving and appreciating them since forever! Check out Live From Daryl's House online and on A&E (I think). Dude is the real deal; always has been.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this one.

Nurse Melissa said...

That headboard is AMAZING if a bit spendy. Go for it, Jo. You've earned it!!