Tuesday, November 29, 2005


1. Moxie Fruvous might be the best band to cook to. Better than Indigo Girls, better than Joni Mitchell, even, though I prefer Joni Mitchell when I'm baking bread. There's something about "King of Spain" and the little shimmy-dance you can do to it that makes chicken pot pie come out really well.

2. The attitude of any given employee of a medical facility is inversely proportional to their skill. That observation includes me.

3. Every child should be taught touch-typing at a young age.

4. Sr. Cathleen and Sr. Mary Catherine of the Benedictine convent in Clyde, Missouri, make great lotion bars and soap. Green Tea scent is my favorite.

5. Brushing the top of your biscuit dough with a mixture of milk and melted butter (sorry, no exact proportions) will make the biscuits stay crunchy even in the microwave.

6. It is good to spend at least one afternoon of your days off in pajamas.

7. Honor Harrington (On Basilisk Station, A Short and Victorious War) undoes all the damage that years of Heinlein and Asimov females have done to me.

8. My boyfriend's sister-in-law is pretty cool for lending me her treasured copy of the first Honor Harrington story.

9. Anybody who feels that an IV-start certification will get them anywhere is probably sadly mistaken.

10. My cat is extremely strange. I have had nothing whatsoever to do with this.


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to tell you that the biscuit brushing has morphed into a crude joke in my universe.

Jo said...


I'm scared. Please, please don't enlighten me on that one.

Lioness said...

Please elaborate on Honor! I a curious now and won0t be able to find it here (Portugaland) easily.

Oh, and I loved 10!

Anonymous said...

Cats ARE strange - by definition. What's YOUR problem, hu-mahn??

Tis said, in Scottish lore, that one should not enter an empty home, as empty homes are frequently frequented by evil spirits. Instead, one should first throw in a cat. "It doesn't harm the cat, and may in fact make it a better cat".

We put in all 3 catz before we entered our new home. Couldn't hurt.


Anonymous said...

I'm just randomly browsing, but I saw you mention Honor Harrington ... the first several books are available free online from the publisher (for your friend in portugal)
www.baen.com/library for the full list, then go to book list or authors (david weber) enjoy!