Monday, November 21, 2005

It's time for another round of....


After that last post, I feel the need to reassure everybody that I'm not some sort of deep-thinking, intelligent person. Therefore, I present this week's product reviews:

Gray's Anatomy

Really. Who watches this? I mean, who watches it *seriously*, without laughing at the unintentionally funny moments, like when the surgical intern breaks sterility while working on his dad's butt? Or when the neurologist suddenly performs brain surgery? Or when that same neurologist/neurosurgeon/whatever tells a patient that he has a fifty-fifty chance of surviving surgery to evacuate an epidural hematoma?

Note: This is why you don't have actors performing neurosurgery.

Plus, all the surgical interns on that show look older than I do. I mean, come *on*, casting directors--the residents I work with look about eighteen, the interns even younger. Why have a rode-hard, put-up-wet bunch of young actors who are supposed to be looking young and idealistic?

Judgement: avoid.

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser cleaning sponges

I'm probably going to lose my crunchy-granola badge for this, but these things rock my world. I have no idea what's in 'em, probably PCBs and DDT and fiberglass, but they really do work well. You know those smudges on the wall around the light switch? They take those off. Ditto soap scum of undetermined age on Chef Boy's bathtub.

The only problem is that they're meant to be disposed of. Seems wasteful to toss 'em out after only five or six uses.

But damn if they don't clean well.

Judgement: good, but in small quantities.

Ryka walking shoes (women's only)

Get the wide if your feet are at all normal. If they're really skinny, get the regular. Expensive, but comfortable on the track and at work, though not as nice as the Columbia light-hikers I got on sale a couple of years ago.

Judgement: nice, but pricey. Do not purchase through mail order.

Faux Frog Chardonnay, 2001

The only Chardonnay I've ever tasted that has an aspartame-like finish.

Judgement: run away, run away.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Shortened considerably from the book, naturally, but still a good ride. Hardly any Malfoy. Lots of Hermione. Moaning Myrtle makes an appearance, and I think they used a body double in the bathroom scene. The costumes are wonderful. Ralph Fiennes is balletic in his evilness.

Judgement: see, preferably at one of those movie places that will serve you a nice glass of Blue Paddle or two.


Wendy, R.N. said...

Wait a minute....You Know Who was Ralph Fiennes?!?!?! God, I never would have recongnized him.

Yes they did cut out a lot from the book, but I expected that as well, since the book was so long. Still worth seeing, by all means.

W. :)

Kim said...

I live for those Mr. Clean sponges - I bought them when they first came out and could not believe they actually worked.

I can't watch ANY hospital's like being at work.
Beware of neurologists doing brain surgery! Ugh!

Someday I'll read Harry Potter. Seriously, that is my way. I wait until everyone else forgets about stuff and then I can't get enough of it. If I start liking a rock group, trust me, they will break up within 24 hours...

Rosey said...

AW, I love Grey's Anatomy.

I know it is totally unrealistic but so are most things on TV.

It's funny!