Friday, November 11, 2005

What I want for Christmas

If I were to make up the Ultimate Christmas Want List, this would be on it.

I would put it into one of these

And then, if Santa figured I'd been very, very good, I'd get one of these, too.

I'd also ask for a new pair of these.


Anonymous said...

I'd lie a new pair of work shoes. Sadly, my white Birkenstocks aren't as sturdy as everyone kept saying. Considering that and the price, I'm a bit p.o'd to say the least.

Anonymous said...

I would want a million dollar if its not something big to ask for?????

me said...

greyhounds are so unbelievably awesome and you should for sure get one even if you're only a little good. They always need rescuin'.

Jo said...

Denise, you and I think alike. I miss my now-gone Greybaby every day.

Unfortunately, being gone for 16 hours a day several times a week with no yard and a 700 square foot apartment is not conducive to Happy Greyhound Raising.

As soon as I get a house, I'm gettin' a hound. Or two. Or three.