Monday, November 14, 2005

A bad idea.

It is a signally bad idea to eat four slices of artichoke-heart pizza and drink a pint of Winter Ale, no matter how hungry you are, then sleep for two hours with a Dachshund perched on your butt, no matter how sleepy you are after your pizza orgy. Waking up in a hot bedroom with a snoozy Dachshund draped over your hip will make you groggy, grumpy, and unlikely to be cheerful when your boyfriend suggests going swimming.

So I'm blogwhoring instead, having cleaned my house and drunk a pot of coffee and generally worked back up to feeling half-human.

Twisty gets bald

In which Twisty Faster preempts the hair loss occasioned by chemo and shows off one of the most elegant heads I've ever seen.

Germans get weird

In which the Shakes share a story that makes me wonder.

Things get scarier

In which Michael Brown suddenly, by contrast, looks like an expert.

The Playpus gets dead. Maybe.

It may be too early to tell.

Kim gets an award.

In which it should be obvious to everyone why Emergiblog won the October NurseBlog Award. (Thanks to whomever it was that nominated me, too.)

Health blogs get listed

I had not known of Globe Of Blogs until tonight. Check it out. Mia's blog Death Maiden is listed, as well as some other interesting nurseblogs. There's at least one interesting-looking single-focus patient blog, as well.

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