Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Needs Meme

Stolen from Badgerings :

Google a first name, in quotes, with the word "needs"

To wit:

Jo needs head.
Thanks, I have plenty of those at work.

Jo needs a 17" PowerBook.

Jo needs surgery.
Lord, I hope not.

Jo needs 2b funky.
Sing it, sister.

Jo needs some room to be used powerfully.
You betcha.

Jo needs help with dressing and washing and still wets the bed occasionally, though she is reliable during the day.
Which one of you has been watching me??

Jo needs a heart and lung transplant.
Well, they're all black and shrivelled up, so...

Jo needs to update her page.

1 comment:

PaedsRN said...

Rich needs a haircut.
True, actually!

Rich needs a new set of modelling and analysis tools to exploit the data.
Um, ok...

Rich needs to be filthy rich like Bill Gates.
Well, duh.

Rich needs regular sunshine.
Yes, and watering every other day.

Rich needs to be upgraded, since his hard drive is packed full.
I've been telling people that for years...

Heh. Thanks, that was good for a chuckle :)