Monday, July 19, 2010

Yeah, so, not a lot of posting about nursing lately.

Because, frankly, it's just too damn frustrating.

I'm frustrated with having to MacGyver everything from monitors which I've been assured are fixed, to the wheels on the laundry cart (which we finally got and which keeps getting stolen, and let me tell you, if I find it down the hall one more time I am going to start removing people's digits, I swear), to the plumbing. The fucking PLUMBING. Because, the other day, one of the toilets just....blew up. As in fountained water up to the ceiling.

I'm just glad there wasn't a patient sitting on it.

Add to that that there's some sort of budget bitching going on between departments over who pays for what in the NCCU. The CCU claims part of the budget ought to be taken care of by the float department, who claims that some of it's the responsibility of the ninth floor, who complains because they're not allowed to have any say in how the rooms and monitors are used, and I'm sitting there, listening to all this, and thinking, "What the hell does this have to do with *me*? I have no control over anything."

Except, apparently, though I'm not allowed control over things like staffing, I'm supposed to take responsibility for things like staffing. As in, it's now my problem if somebody calls in sick or doesn't show up or leaves early. Yet I'm not allowed any input into the staffing grid, and we have nobody on-call for our unit. In fact, if the CCU needs nurses, they'll pull the other nurse from the NCCU, leaving me on my lonesome with three patients who range from okay to actually critical.

So, yeah. That's why I've been posting things about Max, and the cats, and the really fun time I had the other night when I threw a totally spur-of-the-moment party with the express purpose of getting rid of five pounds of strawberries. We had strawberry shortcake, and somebody I hadn't seen a quarter of a century brought two bottles of very good wine, and a bubble machine, and a night-vision video recorder.

Except that I can't post too much about stuff other than nursing, because that's fucking frustrating as well. Like, my shoulder/neck/whatever seems to have gotten about as good as it's going to get without major intervention.

Most of the time, I don't hurt. Sometimes I hurt a lot. That's not the bad part; the bad part is not being able to lift stuff with my left arm. Everything in my house, from sheets to dishes to animal chow, is migrating from higher shelves to lower shelves. I can move against gravity, but any amount of weight makes my shoulder just....well, it just quits working. Which is why I have interesting bruises on my forehead, as I haven't (it seems) learned not to try to make it work. It stops unexpectedly, and whatever I'm boosting up goes ka-thunk into my face.

And the cats, as cute as they are, are beasts. And Max is a love and a half and has done absolutely nothing wrong or frustrating lately, but he's got this lump on his neck. It looks like the tail-end of a blood blister, but of course I'm imagining hemangiosarcoma (what got the greyhound) or mast cell carcinoma (what got the hybrid) or alien abduction (what got my optomism, by the sound of it).

Yeah, so. Not a lot of posting about nursing lately, and nothing about recipes, because dammit, it's still like a zillion degrees here and even heating shit up in the microwave seems insane. And no fashion or beauty tips, because I don't really care at the moment how anybody looks; getting to work clean and on time is enough for me. And no product reviews, because I simply don't have the energy. Though I can tell you not to buy the sort of monitor we have in the NCCU, or at least don't unplug it without waving a chicken over it first.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go find a pair of big-girl panties and yank 'em up as high as necessary.


Mark said...

Hi. I'm a fan of your blog. Just want to say that it sounds like you're being set up to fail by someone up above you in the hierarchy.

G said...

Well, when you do have the energy again I'll be interested in reading the product review for the concealer you use on what must be the blackest bruise ever on your forehead, because I don't see how anyone can get through that kinda day without multiple head-slams against a wall.

Hang in there, hope you get that shoulder fixed, and I'll just go ahead and mail my chicken to you. Cuz frankly, he's worthless when it comes to getting my homework done. Stupid chicken.

Crazed Nitwit said...

Awwwwww I'd hug ya but it's too damn hot!

I think you have the it's-the-middle-of-a freakishly-hot-summer-not-enough-nurses(cuz of da money)blues.

Nothing more frustrating to any nurse I know to have higher-than-safe patient/nurse ratios.

I'm getting good use of my hyphen button tonight. LOL

woolywoman said...

OK, you need to get some top cover for that unit. No one can be alone with three patients! Ask the managers next time they pull you other nurse which of the three you should bag, if two of them code at once. Ask for it in writing. Because it is very hard to call for help on the phone when you are bagging and doing chest compressions at the same time. The neurosurgeons surely have an opinion about their patients being CCU step children- get them fired up, girl!

Brandy said...

Don't yank them up too high, wouldn't want a post about some nasty camel toe related infection from the humidity and heat.


JacquiBee said...

The recipe you need in that heat is gazpacho... lovely, cold, refreshing no cooking requird

Unknown said...

Sorry to hear things aren't going well. I don't have any productive advice to give, but I can tell you this is definitely my favorite blog. I glad you posted anything at all. Good luck getting your shoulder fixed.

messymimi said...

A maddening situation all around.

You deserve to be treated better, and so do your patients.

Guacamole is also a cold and delightful comfort food.

Judy said...

Just found your blog and I love it. I have been a health care social worker for many years, so feel some of your pain. I love your blog because you make the every day funny as opposed to most blogs that bore me with dinner dates with the family or what the kids are doing. This is great. Hope you can check out my blog.

Anonymous said...

OK, now that those big-girl panties are in place, GO GET 'EM - whoever the management folks are that are jerking you around - trying to make you dance to the "you have the responsibility (but not the resources or authority) for the NCCU" tune - cuz this dance tune always ends badly!
Yes, it sucks that you have to do this, esp. when it is so damn hot!

pita said...

Ya also want to be careful that you don't give yourself a wedgie.

bdaiss said...

Here's an ac unit set to arctic and a big case of snow cones (your choice of flavors!) - just to help you out in the wicked temps. 'fraid I can't help much with the rest... although I do know a few hockey players how will rattle a few teeth if needed. : )

Stay strong! We'll read (and enjoy) whatever you throw our way.

Penny Mitchell said...

Beer, beer, and more beer. And love from me. (((((((Jo)))))))

LPN Programs said...

Hey sorry to hear but don't worry your shoulder will be fixed. Be well some and write some more interesting blogs.

Cartoon Characters said...

Ya - I can relate. I damaged my rotator cuff and now all the dinner plates and bowls and pretty much all the heavy stuff are in the lower cupboards. Are you sure your injury isn't a rotator cuff?

Just My 2¢ said...

Adapt, improvise and overcome! (And don't let the bastards grind you down.)