Thursday, September 10, 2009

*snork* Part II


Rachael said...

don't think I've ever seen a cat that likes water.... although, I did have one that would brave the water long enough to attack the drain.

Andrea said...

I think he just has bad "aim" when it comes to drinking from the faucet .... I firmly believe that cats aren't as "smart" as they'd like us to think.

Signed, a gal with three cats. ;o)

Penny said...

Note the jazz playing in the background.

Of the luscious house.

With the big kitty condo in the middle of the luscious room.

I want to be this cool when I grow up.

Moose said...

I had a cat who would not only do this, he would get right into the shower with you. You could not leave a sink of dishes soaking in water, he would wade right in. He would only drink water from a running faucet.

Long story short: when he was a baby I had to take him with me if I went to the bathroom in the night. To keep him occupied I'd run the water in the sink.