Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Good news, bad news.

The bad news: The exit I take to Sunnydale is closed for the forseeable future.

The good news: I discovered this in time to get stuck in a huge traffic jam, make a highly illegal U-turn on a side street, and head back toward Sunnydale.

The bad news: The U-turn was highly, highly illegal. As in, almost as illegal as the turn I made into my dentist's parking lot two weeks ago, which I did on two wheels.

The good news: The cop behind me didn't care; he was too busy making the same highly illegal U-turn. If a cop flashes you a grin and a thumbs-up from his squad car in the middle of rush hour, things can't be so bad.

The bad news: I had to buy new scrubs.

The good news: They're a size smaller! And they're not even tight!

The bad news: They're not exactly the color that the Manglement at Sunnydale wants for its nurses.

The good news: Nobody cares! Everybody else in my critical care pod wears the same wrong color! Plus, I don't have to haul in the drawstring hand-over-hand to get them to fit!

The bad news: The Hello Kitty lunchbox was not big enough to hold my bulky-yet-non-caloric lunches.

The good news: The next size up, Transformers (classic style) was just right. I am now the only nurse at Sunnydale in posession of a Classic Transformers lunchbox. Flyin' the Nerd Flag high, I am.

The bad news: The Transformers thermos was too big to fit into the Transformers lunch box. Why they do this, I do not know.

The good news: The Hello Kitty thermos was *just* the right size, and was on sale!

The bad news: Sexy underwears are uncomfortable.

The good news: Sexy underwears come in cotton.

The bad news: I am very, very sore. A leg/core/glute workout yesterday combined with a massive, huge, horrible, worse-than-IUD-insertion upper body workout on Saturday (and no, ladies, I am not joking about that at all) has left me unable to do much of anything.

The good news: I have nothing to do tonight and there are grilled cheese sandwiches on the stove.


CMe said...

love it (: seems like the good outweighs the bad

Celeste said...

I'd take 10 consecutive IUD insertions over giving birth again.

Congrats on all of your good news, which is really nice stuff.

Anonymous said...

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches!!! oh, yum.

However, someday you'll have to tell us why you know what it's like to have an IUD inserted in your upper body.


Anonymous said...

Keep shopping; sexy underwears need not be uncomfortable. Tried Gap Body? Target?
Hope this means there's someone who'll appreciate the unders!

Leaf-Nosed Bat said...

I just want to say your blog posts are always very informative, in that they make complex medical conditions clear & easy to understand to folks like me, the typical non-medical-career-type schmo. This one, on bipolar disorder, was particularly enlightening & educational.