Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Nurse Jo, a fitness blogger? Zut alors! (BIG ANNOUNCEMENT)

Heads up, peeps!

As of tomorrow at oh-dear-thirty, I will be blogging with Crabby McSlacker at Cranky Fitness.

I know, I know. Me, a fitness blogger? Sheesh. My posts will probably be along the lines of "heaviest beers to lift" and "throwing a fit and running in circles: effective exercise?"

Crabby wrote me a very sweet email, talking up my talent and asking me to come on board, and I was so shocked I said yes before I thought twice. I've still not thought twice: The Crab is a fantastic writer, and her blog (though fitness-focused) is general-interest enough even for slugs like me.

Check it out! I can't promise I'll have anything up early-early tomorrow, but I'm'a do my best.

Blogging here will, of course, continue uninterrupted.


Penny said...

"throwing a fit and running in circles: effective exercise?"

And just when I think I can't adore you more.......

Crabby McSlacker said...

I am still afraid you will think twice and come to your senses! Why squander your talent on a silly health blog when you could be writing bestsellers?

(Running off to stock Cranky Fitness pantry with more steak, scotch, and poutine...)

inkgrrl said...

OMG awesome! Two of my favorite bloggers in one place - woot!

"...throwing a fit and running in circles" is probably the only exercise I'm going to get today.

How many calories would you say are burned in total when you add up a) freaking out at high volume, b) throwing mortgage docs and PT instructions all over my office, c) dodging both dogs while doing sprints through every room in the house, d) hopping around cussing at the top of my lungs all five times I stub a toe, and e) curling up on the floor of the shower and rocking back and forth for an hour?

I'm hoping it's enough to balance out the extra Parmesan I sprinkled all over last night's macaroni with meat sauce.

Sean said...

A perfect fit.