Thursday, September 24, 2009

Color-coded cords? I can do that.

I can also empty pee out of a Foley and total up ins and outs. I can turn a patient, I can run your errands, and I can stare blankly at the readout of a monitor measuring something obscure.

Critical care will kick my ass. There are thirteen weeks (and a couple of days) to go, and I'm going to need every single one of them.

Holy crap. I know *nothing*. Everything I thought I knew isn't going to be enough. My brain hurts already. Holy crap.

But I'm jazzed. Seriously excited, wanting to figure out more, wanting *not* to have to do any more mimblemumble administrative stuff, wanting to get back out on the floor.


Doctor D said...

Critical care is always exciting. Physiology in motion. All that stuff we learn in textbooks just comes alive!

Just don't let all the physiology take away your God-given compassion.

Good to have you back in the clinical world!

Penny said...

Go get 'em, Queen Jo!

You are going to be brilliant at this.

Kick ass!

Anonymous said...

Good luck honey...your loyal readers have faith in you! I hope you find something incredibly rewarding in your new position.

Rockenheimer said...

Man you're funny. I'm reminded every time I come here.

I finish school in three Earth months. I'm a maggot. I'm not worthy.


Suzie said...

I hope that I have a nurse like you!

'nuff said.

Sean said...

we all know what type of nurse you strive to be and are.
you are going to do great.