Monday, April 25, 2011

Bad/Worse/Worst Volume 2: A quick update

Bad: Having a cat try to steal your roasted asparagus while you watch "Miss Congeniality".

Worse: Having that cat succeed. NOM NOM NOM says Notamus, eating asparagus.

Worst: Cat asparagus pee.

Srsly? The worst. Even multi-cat ain't up for this shizznit.

Or peenit. Wev. Ew.



Brian said...

NOM NOM NOM says Notamus, eating asparagus.

Have you ever thought of writing a children's book? :)

messymimi said...

At least he won't have any trouble with UTIs. Seriously -- i've cured many a cat's stubborn infections with as much asparagus as they wanted.

CandyGirl said...

Awww. I love weird kitties. My dearly departed calico ate crackers and biscuits and liked her green beans mushy.

Kim said...

Ha! I have a big orange cat who would totally do that, he's famous for stealing blueberry muffins :)

Anonymous said...

hahahaha i just stumbled upon your blog after google searching "my preceptor is a bitch" and I'm loving it! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

My cat made off with an entire T-bone steak in less than 30 seconds. He grabbed it off the table, and disappeared. It took me 10 minutes to locate him hunkered over my steak, in the windowsill, behind the center of the back of the couch. My dog however will only pilfer salads. Weirdo.