Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday night fluff:

There's a reason the saying is "Crazy as a pet raccoon."

If you need a little breather from OCD raccoonosity, click here. I fell instantly in love with this platypus and now want to know what sins I have to commit to come back as one in my next life.

Continuing the weird-animal theme, check this out:

I love him, too.

And, finally, the classic site for all Weird Animal Afficianados: Tamandua Girl's Living With Anteaters. The site chronicles her life with Pua, Cinco, and her other critters. Pua was a rescue, as was Stewie (rest in peace, little dude).

This should put to rest Stoya's question, "But what do they eat?"


messymimi said...

The odder the critter, the more i like them. Also, i'm a big fan of arachnids.

Molly said...

Didn't know Stewie died. Shame. The owner always seemed kind of insufferable in the comments, but Pua sure is adorable.