Wednesday, April 06, 2011

It's never a boring day when three things happen:

Uno: I got the day off, totally unexpectedly. Which was wonderful, because being cancelled, with the attendant risks of being called in, always makes me super-productive. I now have three clean cabinets and a clean utility room.

Dos: Eyelashes are dyed and cuticles are dealt with. If you've seen either, you understand what a challenge this is. The fact that I did it simultaneously--dyeing eyelashes AND pushing back three months' worth of overgrown cuticles--without injury is amazing.

Three: I managed somehow to draw blood while vacuuming the living room today. Don't ask me how. Stoya responded to my text on the subject with "I don't Even. Want. To. Know" to which I replied, "Don't worry; I have no clue, either." One minute I was sucking up rug bits; the next I was bleeding.

Never a dull moment here at Casa Jo.


messymimi said...

Congrats on the productive cleaning. We're doing the pantry makeover here, and it's not pretty.

Self care = Good thing.

We are fragile. Amazing how that can come up at the weirdest times.

kr said...

How do you dye your eyelashes? I have blonde eyelashes and worry about hurting my eyes.

Jo said...

KR: I use something called 1000 Hours, which is Australian. You can Google the name, and order it that way. It's about US$25. The black-brown and black are the only colors worth ordering, even if you have white-blonde eyelashes.

There's a whole hooraw you're supposed to go through with Vaseline and cotton pads, but I just mix the stuff up, glop it on with an old clean mascara wand, and let it sit for 30 minutes. I've gotten it in my eyes before, and though it burns, it doesn't seem to do any damage.

kr said...

Thanks! I am going to try it!

Red Stethoscope said...

I am also more productive, when the chance of my free time being zapped is imminent! And yes, I am also extremely accident prone. I can't say that I've made myself bleed by vacuuming...yet...but there have been other household mishaps. I relate!

As for the grooming, if I had expendible funds, I would just pay people to wax, dye, paint me because it is a pain!

LifePainter said...

Before I read this, I didn't realize that anyone dyed their eyelashes. Wow.