Monday, April 11, 2011

Unintentional creepiness of the day, brought to you by Ingrid Michaelson.

I hadn't given "Girls and Boys" a really, really good listen until I was on my way home last night.

This song? Is probably supposed to be about unrequited love and should fill me with despair and sympathy. Instead, I find it inutterably creepy. Like Creeper McStalkersons creepy. Like Crazy-Eyes creepy. Way creepier than "Every Breath You Take" creepy. Bunny-boiling creepy.


In other news, it's now Less! Than! A! Month! until Friend Rob graduates from nursing school, and I am just so excited that I could fdafdskaht. He needs to sell his motorcycle, so if you're somewhere out in West Texas and haven't completely burned up in the wildfires, check this out.

Um....what else? Oh, yes. The secretary is painted, though I still have to put the glass back in the doors somehow and figure out how to touch up the paint without messing things up.

Notamus has learned how to open all the step-on trashcans in the house.

There has been a horrific bug of some sort going around the hospital. I avoided (strangely) the sore-throat-cough-sinus part, but caught the gack-herk-bleh-tummy part. But now I'm better.

And finally, waiting a week for your stroke symptoms to subside before you present to the emergency room is probably not a good idea. We can't do a whole lot for you.

More later: blood! Bones! Bingo!


Celeste said...

Wow, that song was upsetting from a perspective of how little someone would value themselves. I didn't get a stalker vibe, but I did get a serious creepout with the line about sleeping under the bed. Reminded me of a perfectly traumatic episode of Law&Order SVU where the perp kept a woman locked up in a drawer underneath his bed. Now that's shudder-ific.

Thatgirl said...

That song speaks to a disturbing lack of self esteem.

messymimi said...

Glad you avoided part of the plague, and next Notamus needs to learn that if the can is open, it's time to put something in. About time a critter learned to help with the housework, instead of just making more.

SkinnyNurseB said...

We have the same bug going around our hospital and (lucky me!) I was the first one in our unit to get it! I'm such a trendsetter :-p

Red Stethoscope said...

I didn't watch the the library with no headphones, so I'll have to comment on that later. Mimi's comment is hilarious, though. Put the pet to work, indeed!

Allison said...

Speaking of blood and bones, did you watch "Being Human" on Syfy? I just saw the season finale, it's a pretty good series. Internally consistent, interesting characters and very entertaining. I had high hopes for SG Universe, but it was paced too slowly. Not enough attention span here.

Eileen said...

Must be aliens - daughter 1 in Scotland has caught that throat bug from her sister 250 miles away (apparently by text) - and how did she get it from you in the USA???????