Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It's official.

I have seen people who have had various body parts kicked in or off by various animals.

I have seen people who have been hit by drunk drivers, popped ill-advised wheelies on overpowered motorcycles, been hit by lightning, and fallen off structures of varying heights.

I have seen people who have grabbed the end of a downed power line, been run over by a truck on ice, been hit in the head with a keg of beer (full), been hit in the face with a trailer hitch at 70 mph, and who have failed utterly at trying to kill themselves.

I had never before seen somebody who's been scalped by a mixer.

Therefore, I have this to say: I believe that I have now seen it all. 

And this, come to think of it: Those plastic guards on five-foot-tall commercial mixers are there for a reason. Do not remove the guard, then lean over into the mixer to see how things are going in there, with the 300 rpm whatsis going round and round. Okay? Okay.

I wish the guy who stuck his head under the running combine to see what was making that funny noise were still around. We could double-room those two.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Yet another reason why I don't cook.

Hallie :)

Maha said...

Common sense fail.
Poor guy though :S

Penny Mitchell said...

Great googley moogley.

Rat said...

Indian name....Danger Baker.

flutterby said...

These sound like candidates for the Darwin awards.

Bo... said...

Good Lord, some people are so dumb, heh!

Anonymous said...

And as the police officer in a town near you said, "You can't fix stupid."


Mortisha said...

I saw a young woman partially scalped when her long, swingy, blond hair got caught in a Dairy Queen ice cream do-hickey machine. This was way back in the 70's. More recently, in the 1990's I had a little old guy come wandering into our ER. holding his right hand, which was a charred, black claw. He had gotten it stuck in his corn auger machine. No one else was around so he drove himself 40 miles to the hospital. I am now retired but those kinds of human v/s machines stick out in my memories. I worked in a very small rual hospital in Wyoming and sometimes we nurses kept everything afloat until we could get a doc to come in. There was no such thing as an ER doc and no doctors were around at night. We would sometimes run through the ACLS algorithm twice before a doctor was there to take over (more likely pronounce). I don't think the public knows how much nurses are the bedrock of hospital care. Yet do you think we could ever get a nurse on the hospital board? Nope.