Saturday, June 06, 2009


Chuck Palahniuk is gay.

Ayn Rand was a Communist.

You are not the shee-it because you are a surgeon.

Please go tie a brick to it so it's a little bigger, then come back and talk to me when you feel like you don't have to yell any more.

Thank you.


Molly said...

Chuck Palahniuk is gay??

You know, that's really not surprising. Huh.

woolywoman said...

Laura's Number One Rule of Getting Along with RNs: If you have to say, loudly, "I'm the Doctor!" than you have broken Rule Number One. If you actually stamp your feet, then I will be off the floor for a moment, because I have wet myself laughing at you.

Urbie said...

My mom used to be a unit secretary at a hospital in Boston -- this was back when she was about my age. One of the docs was in the habit of chewing out the administrative staff to the point of tears, and he started in on one of them. Eventually, she ran to the ladies' room to cry, and the doc came over to my mom and started in on her.

She stood up to her full height of 5'4": "Young man," she replied, "Don't you DARE use that tone of voice with ME!"

Maybe you have to be her kid to know how that came across -- but that was the last time that doctor gave her any cr*p.


Laina said...

I like to say,"MD does not stand for Major Deity." That said I am the luckiest nurse alive because the docs I work with are just awesome and very kind.